Campaign Speeches of Emanuel Pastreich


“I shall fear no evil

Declaration of Candidacy for President”

February 23, 2020




“Seventeen Planks of 2020 Campaign Platform”

February 23, 2020




“Why run as an independent candidate for President?”

May 20, 2020


“A Democratic Economy”

April 27, 2020




“’Movementism,’ ‘Complainism,’ and ‘Magicianism’”

May 16, 2020




“What is Security?”

May 26, 2020




“The Aikido of Politics after the Death of George Floyd”

June 3, 2020




“Universal Basic Income: Economic liberation or the first step towards slavery?”

June 7, 2020


(deleted )


“The future of global governance and the Earth Congress”

June 14, 2020



“Who owns Facebook?”

June 20, 2020


(deleted )


“Putting an end to fossil Fuels, America’s peculiar institution”

June 22, 2020


“Tear Down the DMZ

On the seventieth anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War”

June 25, 2020



“Take a Step towards Democracy:

Why a special election is absolutely necessary”

July 4, 2020


(deleted )



“The Future of the US-ROK and US-Japan Alliances”

July 31, 2020



“Korea Sacrificed on the Filthy Alter of COVID 19”

September 4, 2020


“Creating a sacred unity of peoples, cultures and nature for the Americas’

September 14, 2020


(deleted )


“I enjoy a good puppet show” Remarks on the 2020 Presidential Election (November 3, 2020)

“I cannot accept this election”

December 27, 2020


(deleted )


“Confusing Science and Technology at our Peril”



“When Technology Buried Science in a Shallow Grave”



“The Assault of Multinational Corporations on US”




“The War of Corporations against our Children”



“The Final Goal of our Campaign”



“The Destruction of the Intellectual”