The War of Corporate Wealth against Humanity


Emanuel Pastreich


April 20, 2021


We find ourselves in the midst of a global war on a scale even greater than that of the Second World War. But the nature of war has changed, and as a result many cannot conceive of what is happening. They think that it is a struggle between nations over power, when in fact it is an effort of the superrich to destroy most of humanity.

Moreover, it is part of the strategy in this war to make the most dangerous moment, now, seem to most people as if nothing is happening, as if things are slowly returning to normal.

The front line in this war is the promotion of the COVID-19 scare and the push for mandatory vaccines. That push, which comes at us from every direction, has nothing to do with medicine or with health. The problem is not one of misdiagnosis, or of a misunderstanding of science. Rather, multinational corporations have set out to destroy all reliable sources of information, including governments, universities and research institutes, to get experts to say whatever they are told to by corporations and to set up a system in which humans are forced to let corporations inject into their bodies whatever drugs they want to without any science—only the use of fear and authority.

COVID-19 is but one part of a larger plan to take over every single aspect of human life. It is the front line in the battle because it is a means to take over our bodies (by allowing corporations to introduce gene-altering RNA, or Nano-sensors, into our blood).

But there are other weapons in the arsenal of these corporations.

The corporations wish us to depend on them for food. They destroy every opportunity for us to raise our own food and they force us to consume processed, unhealthy foods with high sugar produced by them. They force farmers to use GMO plants with one-use seeds, force them to use petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides that destroy the soil and make farmers more dependent on corporate products (all financed by government programs paid from our taxes). They also try to make all of us dependent on the import of food from abroad controlled by them. They want to make food a product that must be bought. They stop us from using the sun and the water and the soil that belongs to all people to create our own food. They even promote a cool urban culture and make farming seem backward by forcing people to move to cities as a way of destroying food independence.

These corporations are buying up farmland around the world as part of this project with money that they make out of nothing through their corrupt relations with national and international banks. They are preparing for a day when they can starve to death all opposition.

They want to control water, to privatize its supply, to force us to buy water that should be free in bottles, to make us think bottled water is more healthy when it is less healthy, and they force us to waste dangerous amounts of water in agriculture and industry that damages the environment and harms citizen. They claim, falsely, that this process is “growth.”

They use the concept of “real estate” to artificially inflate the cost of land and to force us to pay for housing at a rate that is crippling. The relationship between investment banks and real estate costs is a taboo topic in the media.

They make fortunes for themselves by compelling us to take out loans to buy houses and apartments, and they create films, commercials and billboards to convince us that we must waste money on expensive housing in order to be happy.

They make it impossible for us to create our own energy through water, or wind, or solar power, or even through our own muscles, forcing dependency on electricity, or petroleum, that only they supply through imported fossil fuels. They make fortunes on heating and cooling as well, and they design buildings in ways that are wasteful—even as they advertise them as being “energy efficient.”

They bribe experts and politicians to create cities designed for automobiles to force us to buy these dangerous and expensive products and to depend on imported petroleum. For the price of all those freeways, all those car accidents, all cancer from polluted air, we could easily install solar panels on every home for free—and more. We could easily become energy independent and stop spending all that money on weapons to protect the import of energy.

Corporations have pushed to make medicine private and they force us to pay more for healthcare and health insurance while bribing politicians to reduce funding for public medicine so that we have no choice but to use private medical facilities. The health of people is a low priority; the profits of corporations are the main goal.

Highly paid medical experts ignore, or attack, natural herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and other traditional approaches to health, that are most appropriate for most illnesses. Nothing that the citizen can do on his own, for free, is permitted. We must buy pharmaceutical products that are unhealthy, addictive, or even deadly pushed on us through advertising. They bribe doctors to promote these medicines.

They want to force us to spend enormous amounts of money on education so that we can find jobs, jobs that they define for us. They commercialize education so that it is overpriced, and unrelated to the real task of education: helping people to think for themselves, to understand the world, to be able to express their ideas, to engage in moral action. Education has been made just a means to get a qualification for a job, and not an opportunity to learn to think for yourself.

Journalism in newspapers and TV news is about protecting and defending corporations and the rich, and confusing people. Media is about seducing people with sex, food and glamour so that they are unable to focus on the destruction of the environment or the theft of their money by the rich and powerful.

The government has been turned into a device for controlling us used by corporations, rather than a method for controlling those corporations. Corporations spend billions of dollars to bribe the media to tell citizens that government is the problem, that the personalities of politicians is the problem. They hide the truth that the government could be run as a means to control, and to defeat, the machinations of the rich.

Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the corporate assault on us is the attack on science. We are misled into thinking that the technology that is rapidly transforming our society into a nightmare, without humans, a fully automated inhuman desert, is necessary, even inevitable. Meanwhile, our ability to think scientifically is being destroyed by smartphones and games, pornography and images of people eating food. This is an intentional strategy to take away our ability to think for ourselves, and to analyze the world objectively.

The human need for security is exploited by corporations so as to make vast fortunes, selling us weapons for imagined, or hyped up, enemies, weapons that are vastly overpriced and in most cases do not even work properly. Much of that spending on “defense” is transferred to banks and disappears without a trace behind the veil of “classified” budgets.

Corporations are destroying our financial independence. Not only has COVID-19 been used as a way to destroy independent small businesses, and to allow massive corporations to buy them up for cheap, but it is also a way to make us dependent on “basic income” supplied by a government run by those very same corporations. They want to force us to conduct all purchases online, via credit, or cryptocurrencies, and therefore give banks and corporations the power to decide to freeze our money, or to stop our monthly “relief” payments, if we do something that they disapprove of.

The final frontier for the corporations is the conquest of our minds and our spirits, to make our very consciousness a product that they can control, that we must pay for.

First, all interactions are being forced online, by social media and email controlled by multinational corporations. COVID19 is a way to stop all meetings with friends and family, to make sending a letter expensive, or even impossible if overseas.

We are fed commercial music and art, movies and television from infancy, so much that we do not even know that we could create our own art, our own music, much more appropriate to our experiences, and much healthier and inspiring, on our own, for free, with our own hands.

We are rendered dependent on Apple or Google for our creativity. We are forced to purchase at the store furniture or tools that we made for ourselves 70 years ago. If we made these things ourselves, we would have jobs and we would control our own economy. We are forced to buy clothing, and other products, that wear out quickly so as to assure corporate profits and to impoverish us further.

Corporations have created an industry of “experts” advertised on television who want to tell us how to run our families, how to make friends, how to be successful. They tell us what our priorities should be. They play the role that our family and friends should play, undermining our independence and suggesting that getting buying more, living glamorously, should be our highest priority.

Sadly, older people say that youth are uninspired, that they lack the discipline or the focus of the previous generation. It does not even occur to them that youth are being targeted by corporations who set out to create a superficial consumption culture that renders youth dependent, to create a banal society in which everything has a price.

What should we do?

The takeover of our world is almost complete. Fortunately, there are those who have awoken to this attack and who are struggling to find solutions.

First, we must be independent in our thinking in order to respond to the takeover of our communities, our governments and our minds by multinational corporations.

That means that we must have time away from commercial media to discuss seriously with our friends and neighbors what needs to done at the local level. That is the first step. We cannot depend on sources of information, on institutions, linked in any way to corporations and banks. They may say things we want to hear, but they are not there to help us.

Secondly, we must create our own sources of information, our own journalism, even if we write it by hand, and we must train ourselves, and our children, to think deeply, to pull themselves away from this superficial culture and write about, read about, what is really going on.

That means that we must start our own schools, must launch our own hospitals, create our own art and furniture and produce our own entertainment.

It means that we must form alliances with farmers to obtain access to organic food that is grown with real seeds, not GMO one-use seeds, and that does not use pesticides or herbicides, or petroleum-based fertilizer. Once we have food that supplied independently of corporate suppliers, we will start to regain independence.

We must establish cooperatives in which provide housing for all members, in which we pledge to support each other for a lifetime and combine our resources for our common future. We must make up our own barter systems, and currencies independent of the financial systems that have been taken over by multinational corporations.

The current plan to force everyone to have a dangerous “vaccination,” or otherwise be deprived of the right to see a doctor, to go to school, to buy food at a store or to have access to money from the bank is well underway.

The implementation of that plan will start this summer. We will be given a stark choice of either creating our own totally independent cooperatives or being turned into GMOs through injections of modified RNA, while being completely controlled by technology that both watches us 24 hours a day, sells that information to corporations and then degrades our thinking through garbage broadcasts and advertising in the so-called “smart cities.”

We do not have long to act.



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