The Constitution Demands the end of quarantine and postal service restrictions


The current demand that US nationals, and visitors, quarantine for two weeks when entering the country, and the decision of the government to cooperate with international quarantine regimes around the world is an immoral and illegal effort to impede our freedom as citizens. Equally illegal and dangerous is the restriction on the use of the postal service to communicate with the outside world.

This illegal regime must end immediately.

Our interactions, our freedom of travel, are essential for the exchange of information and for building the foundations for the collective organization with our peers around the world to oppose, and to end, the control of the global economy by the super-rich.

The current quarantine regime restricts the free interactions of citizens with the rest of the world to a degree greater than we have seen since the 1870s. It has become impossible for those who do not have large homes (that they can quarantine in for two weeks) to travel abroad. Anyone who must work at a regular job cannot afford to spend a month sitting in a room. Many are unable to attend the funerals of family abroad as a result.

The process by which quarantine is imposed on those entering the country is by its very nature illegal and unconstitutional. The government has no authority in the constitution, in any possible interpretation of that document, to place people under virtual house arrest for two weeks and to subject them to random rules that have no scientific basis, as well as subject them to tests for “COVID19” which have been proven to be meaningless, even damaging to health.

The quarantine process not only violates the rights of citizens to travel freely but is also legally flawed and unaccountable.

Many of the practices involved, whether the use of heat detectors, QR codes, tests for COVID-19 and other processes that interfere with travel and with exchange with the outside world, are not based on laws passed by the National Assembly in accord with the constitution, and implemented through government agencies following due process. These policies were created, rather, through illegal collaboration between a handful of corrupt government officials and corporations outside of government who implement changes at the working level. In most cases, these factions excluded, illegally and unconstitutionally, government officials from the discussion about these policies.

In the case that there are laws on the books that support quarantine and restrictions on the use of the postal service, those laws were passed in secret, without open debate, without the participation of citizens, without the opportunity to present other opinions or to offer scientific evidence that refuted the basis of those laws.

The forced and illegal passage of these “laws” in closed sessions of the National Assembly renders those laws legally void and unenforceable according to the Constitution.

The process was also unconstitutional in that citizens were deprived of their basic rights by the government to travel, to meet with colleagues and friends and to engage in the global organizational process essential to responding to the effort of multinational banks and corporations to control the global economy. That is to say that the government was taking the side of corporations and banks against the interests of the citizens even though the citizens are explicitly empowered by the Constitution and corporations play no role in that document.

The illegal and unconstitutional restriction on the use of mail to communicate with the outside world is as great a crime as quarantine.

It is impossible for the citizen to communicate with the outside world by regular mail today for the first time since the nineteenth century. Ordinary citizens can only communicate with the outside world via express mail, an expensive means of communication for increasingly impoverished citizens, and even that service is delayed intentionally by weeks or months. They can also use email or social media to communicate with the outside world, but that format is monitored and manipulated by multinational corporations who trample on the rights of citizens.

We should not blame the government for this criminality. Government is capable of serving the people, but it has been reduced to a tool of the rich and powerful who hide in the shadows.

The unconstitutional, and illegal, restriction on travel via quarantine policy, and the restriction on mail for citizens. is illegal in the manner it is undertaken and unconstitutional by its very nature. It must end immediately and those engaged in this process, or who support- it, should consider themselves to be engaged in a criminal action for which there will be clear legal consequences.

Equally important is the blatant exception to these rules granted to a handful of the super-rich, CEOs, high government officials and others who are issued special rights in blatant violation of the law and of the Constitution. The fact that many of these actions are hidden from the public by rendering those special privileges as “classified” is not only illegal, it is not valid. It is entirely appropriate to release to the public such classified documents.

The rich and powerful, traveling by private airplanes, or by airplanes that belong to the government or to the military, are free to travel wherever they want without any quarantine, or COVID19 tests, or any requirement for vaccines. Corporations are permitted to ship whatever they want around the world via container ships without any restrictions and to generate high profits, while the citizen is restricted from mailing even simple letters to friends and family abroad.

Moreover, there is a wide range of special services for the very rich, including travel, mail, health and other aspects of daily life that permit them privileges now denied to average citizens. The current state of politics is the first stage in the establishment of a monarchy in which the rich and powerful are granted inheritable privileges denied to ordinary citizens.

The establishment of such a monarchy is a criminal violation of our Constitution because the will of the few is permitted to override the Constitution and bypass the government organizations that are supposed to enforce the Constitution’s mandate to protect citizens and to defend freedom.



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