It is with great sadness that we recognize that the decline of the United States Federal Government into blatant criminality in the service of multinational corporations and the super-rich that has ended completely the rule of law, and the guildance of the Constitution, for governance and policy.  Shifts in the nature of war brought about by the advancement in technology, and the better understanding of the weaknessess of the human mind thanks to scientific understanding, make this conflict invisible to the naked eye, the crisis today is far greater than that of the succession of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas from the United States in 1860. The scale is larger, and the conflict has been, from the start, global in nature.

We must be prepared for a conflict that is both extremely local and extremely global in nature.

Like the Second World War, we must cobble together allies from around the world in a battle against totalitarianism.

Like the Civil War, we must steel ourselves for a brutal conflict to end slavery that will end up pitting brother against misguided brother, state against misguided state, nation against misguided nation, while the rich and powerful hide behind gaudy facades and profit from the carnage.

Like the Vietnam War, we must be ready for a conflict in which the enemy is everywhere, and nowhere, at the same time.

And, we must be prepared for true information warfare, as opposed to what we are told about in science fiction: A conflict in which computers, smart phones and other electric devices are used to render the masses docile and passive, triggering a mass hypnotic state; A conflict in which information is so degraded that nothing, not newspapers, not television, not internet search engines, nor scientific studies by professors, can be relied upon. It is a war in which a horrifc Gresham’s Law of information leaves the vast majority of citizens at sea, in complete isolation. In such a war, it is possible to kill tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, without the vast majority of people knowing anything had ever  happened. The wide range of false flag operations taking place in the United States, and around the world, today suggests that this scenario is not something far in the future, but that the monster has already curled up with us in bed.

The United States Provisional Government (USPG) will use the web address https: until we are sufficiently mature as an institution. We welcome all who are patriots, who are committed to the truth and to a peaceful and healthy Earth, who are committed to constructive internationalism, and who eschew globalism, to join us in this effort. We warn, likewise, those who have more nefarious intentions, to please stay away and to leave us alone to persue the greater good.


USPG (United States Provisional Government)

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