1. We will not recognize any election that is not fair


The current election system is so corrupt as to be meaningless. The qualified candidate is not allowed on the ballot, and his or her ideas, and activities, are ignored by a media that purposely denies citizens access to critical information. The Votes are counted using computer systems designed to be hacked, leaving no evidence of the sacred choice of the people. Regions inhabited by the poor receive so few voting machines that tired mothers and fathers must wait for hours in line, shivering, as the dusk descends.

The last election was a travesty and the Democratic and Republican parties were but vultures with slightly different plumage that picked at the carcass of Liberty.

We will not recognize as legitimate any election for president, or for any other office, until the nation holds an internationally-supervised election in which every citizen is guaranteed the right to vote in a manner that is easily verified, and in which every qualified candidate can present his or her policies directly to the people. The entire election must transparent at every level and commercial advertising must be banned.

We did not have a legitimate election last time. We do have a moral obligation to reject this entire process.

2. Climate change is the overwhelming security threat;

The response must involve every aspect of domestic and foreign policy

A full commitment to a hundred-year plan for the mitigation of, and the adaptation to, climate change
must be at the center of all security, economic and educational policy for the
United States. We must devote all resources to this plan, committing ourselves
to the equivalent of a war economy, in order to reduce the use of petroleum and
coal to zero within two to three years and eliminate the use of plastics and
petroleum-based fertilizers and other materials.

The government will set forth directives that demand the rapid reduction in the use of fossil fuels, the end of
the use of private automobiles and the restriction of the use of airplanes. We
will finance the installation of solar power and wind power generators in every
neighborhood. All intellectual property rights for these technologies be placed
in the public domain by government for this purpose. Upgrades for all buildings
in insulation and in solar and wind power, so as to reach to near zero carbon
emissions, will be undertaken immediately. The government will do so, employing
50-year loans that will make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels immediately
by calculating long-term costs.

We will end all subsidies for petroleum, coal and uranium. Those fuels will be designated as controlled
substances that cannot be sold for profit.

The military will convert to 100% renewable energy more quickly than the rest of the country and it will become
the most powerful defender of the ecosystem, not oil wars, or bogus

Polluting fighter planes and outdated aircraft carriers will be scrapped immediately without concern for the
profits that they might generate for corporations. We guarantee those who lose
their jobs in the transition employment in renewable energy projects. In fact,
we guarantee everyone who wishes a job employment.

Oil and gas corporations have made trillions of dollars by pushing dangerous substances like petroleum, coal
and natural gas on citizens that they knew full well were destroying the
environment. Such actions are criminal. The assets of these corporations, and
of their owners, will be seized by the government and those funds used to
finance the transformation of our economy. Wasting energy, food and natural
resources will be recognized for the abomination that it is and will never be
promoted as a symbol of a better life.

The government will supervise the creation of truly sustainable urban and suburban communities and undertake
the restoration of wild areas to assure biodiversity. That will mean tearing up
the malls, the parking lots, the factories and the freeways that have defiled
our sacred forests and our precious wetlands.

3. Eliminate nuclear
weapons by any means necessary

Humanity faces an unprecedented risk of nuclear war, one made even more dire by the promotion of
“usable” mini nuclear devices. It is a sad travesty that we are now spending
trillions of dollars to upgrade a nuclear force that we should eliminate.

We will commit ourselves to the elimination of these dangerous weapons from the Earth, as painful as that
process will be. For the sake of our children, we will forcibly confiscate, and
destroy, all nuclear weapons, starting in the United States, and then in all
the other nations of the world. We will work with committed groups of citizens
at home and abroad, inside government and outside, to make sure that the
development of nuclear weapons is stopped.


4. Launch international
scientific investigations into the past that so many refuse to confront

We cannot come to grips with the threat of climate change and of nuclear war until we shake off the culture
of denial that has gripped us for the last twenty years. We must conduct a
fearless investigation into the actions taken by a small group of powerful men
after the 2000 election, including the so-called “9/11” incident.

We must use the power of the scientific method when we launch international “truth and reconciliation” teams
to investigate and to reveal the honest story for our citizens, and for the
world, to see. There should be no limits on how far this investigation goes.
Granted the seriousness of the case, all related materials must be
declassified. Nor should we be satisfied with simplistic tales that blame just
one group or another. Murder on the Orient Express was a
solvable crime.

5. Bring the US military
home and upgrade the United Nations

The United States must bring
back most of the troops it has deployed around the world since the Second World
War, troops often exploited in mercenary enterprises to serve the interests of
the wealthy. We must be ready to fight, and to die, for true international
security, but to do so only in the strictest sense as defined by the charter of
the United Nations. It would be better to risk our lives in the battle against
the forces of greed to protect the soil beneath our feet, to assure that the
pure waters of our oceans are not poisoned, and to preserve forests in
perpetuity than to fight these pointless wars over resources for multinational

The United Nations must be the
primary space wherein we plan the future for our fragile planet, and then
implement those plans. Otherwise we must engage at the local level while
retaining a global vision. This process will only be successful if the United
States and the United Nations undergo complete reforms that empowers them to
represent the citizens of the Earth without the interference of corporations,
or of wealthy individuals.

6. Corporations are not

The rich get only one vote

Corporations are not people
and they should not play a role in the formulation of policy. The same is true
for the super-rich and for the investment banks through which they exert their
will. The information required by policy makers must be supplied by life-long
civil servants, professors and other experts who engage in an objective
evaluation of the current state of our country without pressure to derive

The rich are just people; They
have no more rights than anyone else. They should not have a special role in
the determination of policy. Those who use money, directly or indirectly, to
influence policy are engaged in corruption and bribery. We must not hide such
criminality by using the innocuous terms like “consulting” and “lobbying.”

We must empower the civil
service so that the government regains independence from corporations and can
produce strict regulatory systems to protect the people. We have done it before
and we can do it again. In that process, many corporations, such as banks, or
communications and energy companies, will be nationalized, and run by a
competent staff of civil servants who have the common good as their sacred mission.
Other corporations will be run as collectives at the local level under the
ownership and control of citizens. Such ethical governance has precedents
dating back to ancient times and does not require ideological decoration.

7. An economy of the people
and for the people

Without economic equality and
the strict regulation of finance, democracy is not possible. While we slept, an
sly faction generated great wealth by illegal and immoral means for decades and
then hoarded the money they created by magic overseas. Most of our citizens
cannot even conceive of the corruption that has spread everywhere behind the
sparkling facades of industry and government.

All this will stop. We empower
thousands of professional auditors at the Internal Revenue Service, and other
government bureaus, who, supported by the FBI, will go forward and fearlessly
conduct complete audits of all branches of government, including the Department
of Defense. We will demand a full financial audit of the Congress and of all
its members. So also will the entire Executive branch and all the major members
of the Judiciary, be audited. We will not be afraid to fire, fine and imprison
thousands of people, or more, if necessary.

Once the government is dedicated
once again to the concerns of our honorable citizens, we will undertake this
process for corporations and for the super-rich.

Remember that those who roll
in obscene wealth obtained it through unfair access to capital combined with
illegal business practices. Their assets will be cut down to size so that they
can no longer use these funds to undermine journalism, politics or education.
Finance, from now on, will be a highly regulated field, primarily overseen by
government organizations accountable to the people. Regional banks will take
the form of cooperatives that are run by the citizens for the sake of the local
economy. No digital currencies the expose citizens to risk from unaccountable
multinational banks will be permitted.

8. Support true education
and investigative journalism

Politics cannot be meaningful
if our citizens are denied access to the quality education they need in order
to think critically about our society and to make full use of the infinite
potential of their imaginations. Citizens need to learn history and literature,
philosophy and science, from a young age in order to be able to comprehend the
complex issues of our age.

We will create a new education
system in which all citizens are treated equally. Funding for schools will
never be tied to local real estate taxes. Teachers will be as well rewarded as
any member of society. Everyone will be entitled to a quality education because
we expect everyone to be an active citizen.

Journalism is an extension of
education and therefore it must inform our citizens about real issues, not
sensationalist happenings, and it should teach them how to think critically
about the economic and cultural realities behind the surface of things.

Sadly, journalism has
degenerated into a disgraceful sludge that fills newspapers, TV broadcasts and
internet postings with grotesque images and meretricious phrases, debased content
that appeals to our worst angels.

Whereas citizens should be
learning to think objectively and to work together to create a better society,
they are bombarded instead with refuse that stimulates sexual desire or
promotes mindless consumption.

The government must support an
independent media at the local and national level that is dedicated to the
pursuit of truth and that encourages citizens to think for themselves.
Investigative journalism about the serious issues of our time, brave
journalism, must once again become a viable career.

Art, whether painting,
sculpture, design, drama, music or literature, must be part of our citizens’
lives. The government will support such activities to give citizens the
confidence to express themselves, and to articulate a vision for our future on
their own. Citizens must not be forced to rely on shiny images or glib phrases
produced by the corporate media.

Fostering artistic expression
will free youth from the banal and manipulative culture they face today, one
which directs them towards short-term pleasures and robs them of the ability to
contribute to their society. Giving them the opportunity to make their own
films, their own newspapers and their own paintings and photographs, while
being paid a decent wage for that work, will give them confidence they can
change society.


9. The 13th amendment demands
the end of slavery

The 13th amendment of our
Constitution explicitly prohibits slavery. Yet we have citizens, many forced
into debt by the contemptible practices of banks, who work in factories and
stores as effective slaves. We have citizens in prisons, often on trumped-up
charges, who are forced to work for no pay, or even required to see their loved
ones. All these crimes are for the profit of corporations.

These despicable practices
will be ended, without exception, by the rigorous application of the 13th

American workers are treated
with contempt by multinational corporations that pretend to be American. Even policemen,
soldiers and the employees of local and federal agencies and of businesses, are
treated with contempt, as slaves, by corporations that wish to reduce them to
dependency on basic income in blatant violation of the 13th amendment.

10. Trade must be
ecological and truly free

Trade can be a valuable
opportunity for exchange between communities around the world. But, trade as it
is practiced today is damaging to our precious ecosystem and to our people.
Trade means only massive container ships, controlled by investment banks, that
spew out horrid smoke as they carry goods across oceans for the profits of few,
not the benefit of those who make the goods, nor of those who use them.

It is not a positive for the
citizens of the Earth, and it is certainly is not “internationalization,” for
local industries and farms to be destroyed by “trade” planning by investment
banks and speculators, and for citizens to be rendered dependent on imported
goods against their will. We must, together, completely rethink what trade
means and create a 100% fossil-fuel free trade system that is accessible to
everyone and that respects the needs of local communities.


11. Moral decadence lies
at the core of this political crisis

The current crisis is above
all a spiritual crisis. While we slept, our nation fell deep into decadence and
narcissism. This civilizational disease taints even those with the best of
intentions. Modesty, frugality and integrity have vanished from our vocabulary.
The invisible inner world of values and character that should be the core of
moral reasoning for citizens has been replaced by a spectacle that leaves the
citizen as a passive consumer of filth.

Until we can control our own
actions and, only then, form communities that can demand righteousness, until
we can trust our neighbors, talk frankly with our children and uphold common
values, we will be incapable of standing up to the powers that have seized
control of our country.

12. Transform the
military-intelligence complex

The out-of-control military
allows corporations to take our tax dollars and transfer them directly to their
bank accounts through the sales of overpriced weapons, which are not subject to
outside review, or to scientific tests.

We need men and women willing
to give their lives for their country. Tragically, those noble sentiments have
been cynically misdirected. The military, and the intelligence “community” that
surrounds it as a penumbra, must be transformed and dedicated, above all, to
the mitigation of, and the adaptation to, climate change, and to other real
security threats like bio-fascism.

The bravery of soldiers must
be focused on the dangerous work of ending the rule of our country by fossil
fuel giants, and their lackeys, and to the task of transforming our economy.

Soldiers! If you cannot stand
up to the energy czars, how can you call yourselves brave?

In violation of George
Washington’s warning of the dangers of “entangling our peace and prosperity,”
we have rushed headlong into numerous secret treaties, casually termed
“intelligence sharing” and “security cooperation,” that are leading us to a
catastrophe like 1914. Back then, a horrific domino effect was set off by such
secret treaties that dragged the world into a catastrophic war.

All of you who work at
underpaid contract jobs for the NSA, all of you who must read through our
endless emails, or wander dangerous mountain passes in Afghanistan, all of you who
are required to harass simple folk over foolish things for wanton corporations,
listen to me! Verily, I say unto thee, “Come with us! Thou hast nothing to lose
but thy chains.”

13. Stop the dangerous
influence of technology on our citizens

The media presents the
exponential evolution of technology as an unmitigated positive. Yet, in most
cases, exposure to such new technologies robs us of the ability to focus,
deprives us of the wherewithal to think for ourselves, and strips us of the
awareness necessary to function as citizens. Technology is used as a means of
inducing in us addiction to short-term stimulation. Such electronic tools
generate profits for corporations, but they render citizens incapable of
understanding the seriousness of the crisis we face.

We want to interact with
others, and we need jobs that let us cooperate with others. But all we
encounter is recorded messages, automated checkouts and long rows of
supercomputers coldly calculating corporate profits. We are entirely alone in a
digital desert. This is no accident but rather a premeditated crime.

We must critically review how
technology impacts society before we employ it. Technology can be immensely
helpful, but only if it is applied to solve the real challenges of our age, and
not used to manipulate us.

Scientific understanding of
the state of our Earth, and of our society, must be our goal always. We confuse
science with technology at our peril. As Paul Goodman wrote, “Whether or not it
draws on new scientific research, technology is a branch of moral philosophy,
not of science.”

14. Halt the
anti-intellectual campaign to dumb us down

Our citizens are subject to
unending campaigns that encourage anti-intellectual sentiments and that
discourage thinking deeply about the world. The resulting shift in our culture is
not natural, but is imposed by hidden forces seeking to render us docile.

We must raise the level of
intellectual engagement in every corner of our country, and encourage people to
think for themselves, and to propose solutions on their own. Reading, writing
and debate are critical to that process and must be encouraged.

Citizens should never rely on
the facile and jejune opinions offered up by celebrities.

We cannot allow the poisonous
forest of advertising and public relations firms to dumb down the citizenry, to
impose from above the insidious cult of the self. Terrible indeed is the damage
they have already done. A banal wasteland has taken over every TV channel,
occupied every mall and conquered every office.

The advertising and PR
industry must be subject to the strictest regulations so that our citizens are
exposed to images in the media that encourage intellectual engagement and that
support a healthy community. Citizens have the right to read articles, and to watch
broadcasts, that the describe the reality of our lives in a scientific manner,
and the right not to be subject to programs that hold up, as a model, scenes
from the indulgent lives of the rich.


15. Revive the Iroquois
principle of seven generations;

End the cult of growth and

Although the constitution of
the Iroquois Nation had a profound influence on the United States Constitution,
its focus on sustainability was tragically overlooked by our founding fathers.
The traditions of the Iroquois, and of other native nations, must never be
forgotten. The “seventh generation” principle of the Iroquois Nation demands we
consider how our decisions today will influence the lives of our descendants
seven generations in the future. This principle is scientific and rational, and
it stands in marked contrast to the irrational assumption that the oceans,
forests and grasslands are commodities that belong to individuals or
corporations, and that they can be destroyed for personal profit.

The “seventh generation”
principle must be added to the Constitution as an amendment, serving as the
basis for the complete revaluation of our economic and cultural assumptions.

We must stop using deceptive
terms like “growth” and “consumption” to assess the well-being of the nation.
We must consider together the health of all our citizens, the weal of the
environment and the prosperity of wild animals and plants.

Cooperation is essential to
our survival. We cannot solve problems through budgets if budgets merely
encourage dependency on money. We must create barter systems between citizens
so that neighbors can assist each other and set up programs for mutual support
that make families and communities self-sufficient.

Health care cannot be provided
merely by sloshing government money from one account to another. We must also
empower citizens to care for each other, to learn enough of medicine, of herbal
remedies and of proper exercise, to cure many illnesses on their own without
using money at all.


16. Farming for the
people and a healthy and fair food economy

The rapid rise in temperature
brought on by global warming will cause an exponential increase in the cost of
food over the next decade and make farming the most critical activity for
survival. We have not even started to prepare for this catastrophe.

We must leave behind this
bankrupt system of industrial farming and return to farming by the people and
for the people. The land must be distributed to large numbers of citizens to be
used as family farms. There is nothing to lament or decry herein. The soil and
the water granted to us by our mother Earth has never been, and never will be,
the property of corporations.

The entire distribution system
for agriculture must be regulated and thereby made fair. It is far more
important to produce food in a manner that does not damage our soil and water
than it is for the few to make fortunes from agricultural exports. Americans
must embrace sustainable organic farming, and do so now.

17. Neither the
Republican Party nor the Democratic Party

are described in the

The three-ring circus of
impeachment revealed to us that the current political system has nothing to do
with the Constitution. Governance is dead and politics has been reduced to a
brawl between corporate lobbyists, investment bankers, media pundits and the
rich whom they serve. The media, having long abandoned any scrap of
journalistic integrity, merely eggs on the wrestlers like a drunken mob.

All debate surrounding the
formulation and implementation of policy must be handled in a transparent
manner within the government offices defined by the Constitution.

Yet today, policy is made by
corporations, or debated within opaque and unaccountable political parties, in
a blatantly unconstitutional manner. Do not be deceived. The Democratic Party
and the Republican Party are not described in the Constitution and they do not
represent the vast majority of our citizens.

Leaving decisions on policy to
political parties that are not regulated by the Constitution is both criminal
and unconstitutional, and the practice must be stopped.

Political parties are an
appropriate venue for citizens at the local level to meet and to exchange
ideas. The Constitution grants the Democratic and Republican parties no role in
governance or in the formulation of policy. Governance must be carried out
through accountable government agencies in a transparent manner without any
corporate money, anywhere.

18. End the mask and
vaccine regime

The super-rich, hiding behind
corrupt government officials, bogus NGOs and various decadent celebrities, are
pushing for a mask regime and lockdown policy designed to isolate us from each
other and to destroy our constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

Science demonstrates clearly that
the masks are damaging to health and a blatant form of tyranny. The same is
true of lockdowns.

The rich use their stock
holdings in media giants to demand that the news beat the drums for lockdowns
of the local economy and vaccines.

They have bribed experts to
argue for the immediate implementation of vaccines which have not been tested
on animals, are exempt from legal liability and were developed in secret. Those
vaccines contain modified RNA which will cause serious illnesses like cancer,
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other afflictions. They are not
vaccines at all, but rather a declaration of war against the people cloaked in
the saccharine syrup of health, safety and
security.This illegal vaccine regime will force everyone to be injected with chemicals determined in secret by
multinational corporations, and then approved by the global and national
agencies that they have seized control of. Scientists and citizens have been
excluded from the policy debate in violation of the constitution.\

This crisis is exploited to
push for constant surveillance, the replacement of money with digital
currencies controlled by multinational banks, and the destruction of all small
businesses. The food we must eat is controlled by multinational corporations,
the medicine we need for treatment is controlled by pharmaceutical companies,
the education we need to understand the world and the journalism we need to
keep ourselves informed is commandeered by global investment banks and