Emanuel for President is for ordinary people who have had enough of watching the United States occupied by global financial interests that hide behind progressive or conservative masks while they dish out destruction with the ruthlessness of a serial killer.

Do join us today in this campaign to elect Emanuel Pastreich as president of the United States, running as a true independent without receiving a penny from investment banks or from corporate interests.

Emanuel declares,

“The United States is a republic and a democracy, not a tyranny and psychopathocracy.

I may be elected president. I may end my life in extreme poverty—which is nothing to be ashamed of. I may end up locked up in a prison or in a mental hospital on trumped-up charges, or I may be found floating in some river. That part is totally, totally, unimportant.

What I promise you is that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the rest of that crew of techo-tyrants and bio-fascists in Washington or Berlin, in Tokyo or Moscow, in London or Beijing, are going down. They will be punished and their true crimes made known to the world. We don’t care how many politicians they own, how many billions they claim to possess, or how many celebrities and authorities they keep as pets.”


Please write Emanuel directly at epastreich@protonmail.com immediately and join our campaign.

The Truth goes marching on!


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