Emanuel Pastreich made the following comment on the occasion of the launch of the improved website for his campaign for President of the United States, emanuelprez.com.


“The presidential election last year illegally blocked me, and other candidates, from participation not only through the control of the media and of the corrupt political organizations known as the “Democratic Party” and  the “Republican Party,” but also through the employment of secret law and various classified directives that made it impossible for independent candidates to engage in any political activies at all.

The election itself was manipulated at all levels, including false reports and the clear manipulation of votes. The result cannot be  considered legitimate in any sense. Joseph Biden claims to have won, and the corrupt corporate media supports this position. Yet any scientific investigation would immediately reveal such immense  irregularities in numerous states that only a new election can be considered legitimate. The Trump camp, and the camps of other candidates, have not taken a strong stand on this criminal operation. All, except me, accept this criminal operation as a defacto election.

One need not look further than the enforcement of the ‘vaccine’ mandate to understand the throughly criminal nature of the current Biden administration. The windowdressing of ethnic diversity should not fool us in the slightest.

My campaign has not stopped. Nothing in our position has changed since my speech on November 8, 2020


“I love a Good Puppet Show”




I do not accept this current regime and I demand that a temporary government be established that can oversee the restoration of democratic process and of the rule of law in the United States. I am a candidate for president for 2024 as well, of course. But more importantly, I am ready to form an acting government at any time. I am waiting for those in the establishment who have enjoyed such good fortune in life, to grow sufficiently disgusted with the current fraud in Washington D.C. and to join me in this demand.”



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