Emanuel Pastreich called for the Department of Defense, all branches of the military, and the entire intelligence community to disclose immediately the true number of American soldiers, and other personnel, killed and wounded in the foreign wars from October 7, 2001 (the launch of the invasion of Afghanistan) through the present day. That includes those killed while working for military contractors and those killed in top secret missions.

All classified material related to the true number of men and women killed and wounded must be made public and USPG prohibits the use of classification system to hide causalities, or corruption, from this day forward.

Most pernicious of all has been the use of secret and top secret (and other classifications) to cover up not only the number of soldiers killed, but also cases of prisoners of war resulting from these wars. Not only must the full story of all POW cases be made public, but also those involved in the cover-ups of these POW cases will be subject to criminal persecution.

June 12, 2021

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